Brian Wesaala 2017My name is Brian Wesaala. I am an Information Technology professional, trained accountant and football enthusiast. I am also pursuing a master’s degree in Technology Management with a focus on innovation and project management.

Growing up I have always had a passion for sports and athletics. I have been actively involved in football since my childhood, representing my school both at the primary and high school level. From 2002 to 2014 I played in competitive amateur leagues, mainly in Kenya for Strathmore University Football Club and later for US Carouge in Geneva, Switzerland. I also played for the UN Football Club in Geneva where I was employed. and doubled up as the club’s vice-president. 

I have since ‘retired’ from competitive football to pursue other interests. Even though I never made it to the professional ranks, which was my dream, I always viewed football as an avenue for development be it at a personal or societal level. Perhaps this was motivated by my formal education, something I explore in this blog. From my experiences in Kenya and Switzerland, I strongly believe that sports, if well-managed, can be a great avenue for the social and economic development of a population. 

It is with this in mind that I set The Football Foundation for Africa, an international social enterprise to help build a sustainable business model for the African football industry. I am keen to see the sport improve the livelihoods of youths in Africa.

I am a great supporter of AFC Leopards SC and Arsenal Football Club.

Thank you for visiting my virtual home!

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  1. Patrick Wesaala 5 years ago

    Really interesting…looking forward to more of your articles..

    • Brian Wesaala 5 years ago

      Thank you Patrick. Will do my best to write more articles.

  2. Oducobra 5 years ago

    Good stuff. I look forward to reading more of our footballing escapades in this blog.

    • Brian Wesaala 5 years ago

      Thanks Cobra. Will be tapping into our collective memory.

  3. Benyamina O. 5 years ago

    Alla grande Brian, is it you in the picture? I think so, I have just recognised your left hand! 😉

    • Brian Wesaala 4 years ago

      Omar, it is me! Just not in my UN kit 😉 Thank you for visiting my blog.

  4. friend 5 years ago

    hi Brian, i dont know you personaly and sorry for my English but i do appreciat how you are invested on what you like !
    keep going on this way…
    you parents can be proud of you my friend.

    See you soon !!!

    • Brian Wesaala 5 years ago

      Thank you friend. Very humbling! I will try my best to keep going.

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